Top 5 casinos to play live blackjack

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countries Bet VICTOR Live Casino - highly recommended for UK / EURO players.

EUR  Casino Euro - Popular Euro casino with €150 bonus deal this month

America  5 Dimes Casino - Live casino and sportsbook - US players welcome.


5 Dimes Casino

This is the best place we have tried, out of the few live casino sites accepting American players. Live Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette are available, with other games coming soon.Bet sizes and table limits range from $5 - $500.
Blackjack now includes the popular EARLY-PAYOUT button.
The House Edge here is only 0.5%


real dealer blackjack   roulette-live  

America  5 Dimes Casino - play with real dealers.


Vegas Live Dealer - includes enhanced payout roulette.
Rebate Live Dealer - with extra cashback.


Which type of live blackjack?

Live Blackjack games come in two different forms - PERSONAL OR PUBLIC GAMES

- Individual seats

This is the more traditional version, and is just like a real casino.
The player takes a vacant seat at the casino table, and a live dealer personally deals cards for each player, waiting on the players to make their decisions as to hit or stand, double or split etc.
Each player waits on other players to make their decisions as in a real casino. There is a 15 second countdown before the dealer makes a move for you, according to best strategy.
Up to 7 players can be seated at each table at busy times.

PUBLIC BLACKJACK GAMES - with Shared hands.

Other live casinos deal with the game in a different way - usually dealing 'shared' hands automatically to a large number of players betting upon the same cards. Each player simply chooses how much to bet and which hands to play. Usually 3 hands are dealt and the players can bet upon a single hand or all three. The dealer usually makes all decisions to hit, double or split according to best blackjack strategy. With some casinos players can still make individual decisions on when to stand etc, and the dealer continues to deal until the hand is over, to account for all possible choices.


Public blackjack games are often delivered as the only feasible method - such as TV casinos where large numbers are playing at once, but some online live casinos are also choosing this method to deliver faster games.
Many players value live casino games for their trust factor, but are put off by the slower speed of the games compared to virtual casino blackjack, where many more hands can be played in each gaming session.
For these players, the public method of dealing is a good compromise. You get the security of a live dealer, plus the extra speed of regular online gaming.
New players also don't have to worry about making the correct strategic decisions as the dealers always play the players hand to the best strategy - knowing exactly when to double-down or split.

Many players though, will always prefer to play live dealer blackjack in the regular way.
They appreciate the personal touch, and often the dealers will address each player by name and congratulate them after a nice win. This main disadvantage is that games can sometimes be held up by slow players taking their full time limit to make their decision. It is good etiquette not to constantly use the full amount of time (usually a countdown timer allows 10-15 seconds before the dealer will play for you). In practice most players will have already decided what they are going to do, before their turn arrives.


vc real casino

Play blackjack with a real dealer at BETVICTOR - VICTOR CHANDLER CASINO.
Individual tables with low limit and high high limit tables available.

High rollers can bet up to £25,000 per hand - ideal for 'double-up' strategy players.
Victor Chandler is one of the biggest names in gaming, so you know there is no trouble getting paid quickly if you ever have a huge win.

VC live casino has the best graphics we have seen from all live casino software.
Full size high quality streaming is offered with fast frame rates and clear sounds.

UPDATE - Four different live casino options are now available.
As well as the popular live tables broadcast from the ever popular Evolution Gaming in Europe, players can now choose to play at the BV GRAND Casino. These new live games are provided by Extreme Live Gaming, broadcasting direct from London studio. Blackjack, roulette and baccarat are available from both live casinos, with different styles and atmosphere. Net Entertainment's live studio is now also available, with a slick Scandinavian feel, and good looking European dealers. Another choice for players is the Victor Royale live casino from Media Live's custom studio in Malta. All the casinos have different styles and atmospheres from noisy bustling casino floors, to classy and elegant private rooms.

ho gaming blackjack


Simply click on an empty seat at an available table, and the dealer will welcome you by name and wish you good luck.

Players get 10 seconds to place their bet on the spot at the start of each game.
Similar to a real casino, each player makes personal choices on how to play their hand - compared to some other live casinos where players simply bet on a public hand, dealt to basic strategy rules.

You have a 10-15 second countdown to make your decision when it is your turn to play, although most players will have already made up your mind after waiting on other players.
When it is your turn, the dealer will point to your cards, and often address you by your username.

Depending on the casino room, if you don't make a response within the countdown, the dealer can automatically play for you based on best blackjack strategy. If you constantly take the full amount of time for each hand, you may start to see some snarky comments from other players in the chat box :)

BV blackjack  real blackjack dealers

Attractive English speaking dealers present games from a live casino studio.
Higher limits are available at the VIP RED tables.

Various tables with different limits from £5 minimum up to £10,000 maximum per hand for big spenders. This is a very professional operation with great quality streaming graphics, and polite and friendly dealers.

VC live games


There are now 4 different live casinos available to choose from.
UK, European and Asian casino studios are now available.

uk live blackjack

NEW - IMMERSIVE ROULETTE. This is a popular room in the Evolution studio, with slick MTV style production values in a nightclub like setting. Super slo-mo replays add some extra interest, as do the close-up camera angles.

NEW - PARTY BLACKJACK. This room features 2 presenters in an informal TV style setting. Usually a male and female duo, the dealers laugh and joke with each other and the players. Upbeat background music and bright colours set the mood for this fun and light hearted approach.

NEW - MOBILE / IPAD LIVE DEALER CASINO. BetVictor players can now access live dealer games via their mobile phone or tablet. The new games have been developed by Evolution Gaming - the best live gaming software developers.
It's a pretty convenient way to play - whenever you feel the urge for a few spins or a couple of BJ hands.

NEW - BET VICTOR LIVE STUDIO. Exclusive live rooms based in Gibraltar, with mainly British dealers.
It is easier to get a seat at the blackjack tables in these custom rooms, as they aren't shared between many other casinos highly trained British dealers. The streaming is very high quality.
This is a friendly place to play with a bit of chatter and friendly banter from the dealers.

BetVictor members can also play a huge variety of regular casino games and slots.
Also bet on sports, bingo, poker etc - All under one account.

vc real casino BETVICTOR LIVE DEALER CASINO - highly recommended.



Live roulette and blackjack from a real casino in Ireland - Dublin Bet  

Blackjack games are operated using public hands. The dealer automatically deals 3 hands according to the best strategy. Players can bet on all 3 hands if they want.
The blackjack table limit is £200.

Good casino atmosphere with video and sounds from a real casino floor.
Regular promotions and bonus offers for players.

real blackjack online


Supercasino  gameplay 

Play roulette along with the live presenters, spinning the wheel from professional casino TV studios.
This was one of the first live gaming sites with it's own TV channel, as well as online live streaming. The same live TV programmers are also shown online, so you don't have to be in front of a TV to play - it's just another option to play in your living room with a bigger screen. This is a casual and fun approach to the roulette games, with presenters running the games from a modern studio and interacting with the players.

Blackjack games are available online from custom casino studios.

GAME TIMES - Interactive games are now available all day long - from 9am till 6am, so live dealers are available whenever you feel like a few spins. Live blackjack games are now available online from 2pm-6am

The games are all interactive - you can bet online and see your username appear on the TV screen, hopefully among the list of winners. The presenters do a great job of entertaining the players, with chitchat and chosen topics. You can type messages to the presenters at any time.
This form of gambling can be a lot more fun and sociable than simply playing against the computer on a virtual website.

Now with live blackjack and baccarat dealers.. Supercasino Blackjack is only available online.
Live roulette, live blackjack and baccarat are filmed in the same studios with the same presenters, and are streamed online to play from your computer.
The quality is very good and you can expand the window to full screen size.

The blackjack games are dealt in a special way to handle lots of simultaneous players. Presenters deal three hands to completion, using the best blackjack strategy. The player chooses which ones to play, when to stand, hit, double etc.
Winnings are calculated according to your choices, but the dealer always plays the hand all the way through, to deal with the different choices and outcomes available.
Table limits are 1-500 for blackjack and 1-3000 for roulette.

UPDATE - 7 seat blackjack tables are now also available for more realistic games - Players are dealt with personally, one at a time, just like a real casino. Players pick an empty seat at one of the 7 seat tables and make their plays in turn. This is generally seen as the preferred method to play online blackjack, rather than everyone betting on a public hand versus the dealer.

SUPERCASINO - LIVE CASINO - Place bets on your computer or tablet and watch the presenters spin the roulette wheel live on TV. You can also play blackjack and roulette just using your computer with the streaming online software.

irish casino Dublin Bet - Public blackjack games from a real casino over live streaming webcams.

Play on your own computer with live dealers from the Fitzwilliam Casino Club in Dublin. This is Ireland's biggest private casino with many thousands of members.

They offer live roulette and blackjack games, broadcast online in real time.
You can see other real gamblers on the tables , and hear the sounds of the casino over the webcam.

With blackjack, a dealer automatically deals 3 hands with perfect strategy, and internet players pick which hands to bet on.
The dealer then deals the house hand, and the software automatically calculates and pays out any winnings.
The only decision that the player needs to make is whether to double or not. (You might wish not to double if you are running low on funds)

fitzwilliam club Live from the Fitzwilliam casino in Dublin

live dealer blackjack live blackjack games

Three hands are dealt according to perfect blackjack strategy, with the dealer doubling and splitting etc to the best advantage for the player.
This results in a speedier game, rather than waiting on individual players making decisions, which can often result in unbearably slow games at similar sites where players make decisions for every card. Although the dealers are extremely unlikely to make a strategy error, the games are all recorded and archived in case of any queries.

live blackjack and roulette dealers

Games broadcast from the casino are roulette , baccarat and blackjack
Get a 100% double deposit bonus for new players.
Now offers live tournaments for blackjack and roulette - you can compete against your fellow players, instead of just playing against the house !!

Update - UK and US players no longer accepted. Euro only.


irish casinos Euro live roulette Dublin Bet


Paddy Power online casino flags flags

(Currently available to European players only)


Paddy Power Live CASINO

Paddy Power is best known for its sports betting shops, but it also offers one of the very best online casinos including good real dealer rooms, live from Playtechs new custom studios in Riga, Latvia including online blackjack.
They also provide all the latest games and slots often from classic TV and movie brands, such as the Sopranos, King Kong, Iron Man, Avengers etc..


Pick a blackjack or roulette table to play - Around 3 or 4 different dealers are normally available at any one time. You can type messages to the dealers or other players in the chat box. All dealers are English Speaking.

paddys live games

You can bet £2 - £20000 per game. Paddy Power offers a full range of tables catering to both casual players, and serious high rollers.
There is a table minimum of £5 per hand in the live blackjack tables.


- Play live dealer blackjack and roulette games with live webcam tables.
- Games are played with custom large cards for easy visibility on screen.
- The cards are scanned when dealt with results instantly updated on screen


The live casino games really add a real casino atmosphere to the online casino, compared with simply playing the virtual table games - Having real dealers also adds a more personal touch. You can hear the dealer talk as the pronounce the cards, and welcome new players etc . There is a small chatbox where you can type to the dealer and other players.

Paddy Power Live Casino - ENTER HERE

This is a good choice for an all round casino. You get the live dealer games, plus a huge range of regular online games and some great slot, including big progressive jackpot games. The casino software is first class with casino quality games and slots - in fact the same videoslot software is used in many real casinos.

live blackjack online  live roulette online

Live blackjack dealers at Bet VICTOR - from Victor Chandler.
Players can choose a free seat with the dealer of their choice.
Multiple tables available, including exclusive BetVictor tables and VIP rooms.



UK live gaming  BETVICTOR CASINO - Live blackjack and roulette for UK and European players

America  5 Dimes Live Casino and Sportsbook - Real dealer games for US Players.

EUR  Casino Euro - Popular Euro casino with €150 bonus deal this month

real roulette

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